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Survey: Cloud computing disappoints early adopters

In Business, IT on 10/10/2011 at 12:46 pm

(Reuters) – Few organizations have moved to cloud computing — the delivery of computing as a service from remote centers — and of those that have, many are disappointed with the results, a survey published on Tuesday found.

Fewer than one in five organizations questioned have outsourced the hosting of their applications to cloud computing providers, with two-thirds in early discussions, in trials or not considering a move, said computer security firm Symantec.

Many firms are looking at cloud computing providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, Google or Rackspace to help them increase their scale without installing expensive hardware and software locally.

Cloud computing disappoints early adopters: survey

  1. I think someone coined the term “cloud computing” as something new, and the populace were expecting something that would revolutionize architectures. Is not the Internet the “cloud,” and is not “cloud computing” just another way of saying service-oriented architecture (SOA) or federalized architecture…both of which have been around for a while?



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