Panagiotis Leontios

4 Alternative Thinking Techniques 4 Problem Solving

In Business on 08/05/2015 at 10:19 am

problem solvingWhen it comes to tackling one given problem, it is quite natural to start by setting the boundaries within which the solution is to be found. The boundaries of the problem are determined by a hypothesis and then -within these limits- the usual (vertical or conventional) thinking tries to find a solution. Quite often though the limits do not reflect reality and therefore solution can be lying beyond them. The egg of Columbus is the most known story in favor of this understanding.

Very often unconventional (lateral) thinking is seen by the supporters of vertical thinking as a fraud. Surprisingly, this confrontation proves usability of lateral thinking; the stronger these accusations are the more obvious it becomes that the accusers have been boxed into inflexible rules and assumptions not existing in reality. In this way, the path to new ideas is blocked by erroneous assumptions of one or another type. The supporters of vertical thinking are used to doing such assumptions quite frequently because effective usage of logic needs a specified and strictly defined framework.

Some things have to become accepted and be considered as given facts. The volatility of a situation where nothing is certain and everything is continuously questioned makes vertical thinking people feeling extremely embarrassed. However, the new ideas formed by lateral thinking are due to the infinite power of chaos…

Read the whole article “Alternative Thinking Techniques for Problem Solving” and see specific techniques for problem solving.



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