Panagiotis Leontios

How Luck Can Lead to New Ideas (part I)

In Business on 12/05/2015 at 10:26 am

New-IdeasThe claim that luck could be manipulated seems rather strange because by definition a random fact is not possible to be generated at will; after all, this is exactly its value that leads to new ideas. However, random processes can be employed for achieving useful results. The high profits of insurance companies and the success of those who organize lucky games demonstrate some kind of indication for the profits that can be derived from the efficient usage of luck.

Without interfering to the random procedures per se, it is possible to use them at will, by creating the suitable conditions within which it is possible for them to function and then to benefit from the results of the random interactions.

The first step towards this hypothesis is to acknowledge the significant progress made by random or accidental facts, namely, by facts that did not happen intensively. Electromagnetic waves to start with, were discovered when Hertz noticed a weak spark flickering on a part of a device in the other corner of the room where the equipment used was. The X rays were discovered when Roentgen forgot to remove a specially made fluorescent screen from the table where he was playing with a cathode ray tube. The usage of argentiferous nitrate salt which makes paper sensitive to light for the printing of photographs, was discovered when Daguerre and his assistant noticed the image of a silver spoon depicted on an iodized metallic surface. These incidents are nothing but a choice amongst the many ideas born by some random coincidence of several factors. In many cases it is hard to figure out how else the ideas could surface. For instance, there are too many chemical substances amongst which Daguerre should search in order to find an element sensitive to light. Roentgen and Hertz were not investigating X rays or EM waves respectively because they didn’t know they existed!

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