Panagiotis Leontios

Digital and Social Media Marketing – Selecting Channels (part II)

In Business, IT on 14/12/2015 at 1:02 pm

digitalmarketing#1 | Understanding the different nature of digital channels


In the modern internet era, with the introduction of the www most marketing activities happen on the internet using channels such as:


  • Search Engines (SE)
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • E-mail
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

In countries with high internet penetration, the internet offers increasingly important marketing communication and digital media form an integral and regular part of it.

The different digital marketing channels will be examined according to the following characteristics:

  1. Geographic
  2. Demographic
  3. Digital fit

in order to determine the most effective channels based upon the “buyer persona” -BP; a fictional individual developed based on one organization’s researched profile of its typical customer.

All above channels will be examined, plus the pay channels. Also, consideration of community focused engagement through these channels will be given.

Channels depend on the client and the project. Based on our business objectives, we should research our BP’s preferences for media use before we invest into development of a message. Once the channels are identified, they are used to convey different content for meeting different business objectives; we should differentiate for instance between awareness and sales.

See the rest of the article, and engage with the following areas:

#2 | Search Engines – national differences

#3 | Social Media – national differences

#4 | Email marketing and how it can be used

#5 | Affiliate marketing and how it can be used

#6 | Mobile marketing and how it can be used

#7 | Paid channels overview – search and social

#8 | Community focused engagement


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