Panagiotis Leontios

Digital and Social Media Marketing – Buyer Persona Development (part III)

In Business on 27/01/2016 at 11:06 am

6a0133f3a4072c970b01b7c7b1a954970b-550wi#1 | Introduction

Before we start creating content for digital images, video, text, sound – we have to think who this content is targeted at – and this is where we have a concept of something that’s called a “buyer persona.”

A Buyer Persona (BP) is a fictional individual who is developed by an organization based on the organization’s researched profile of its typical customer. Not necessarily transacting but certainly “buying into your content”.

Persona Name
• Personal Details
o Background
o Job/Hobby details (B2C) or key job responsibilities (B2B)
o Role in purchase process, how are decisions made
• Communication mix
o Main sources of information (where personas do their research)
o Preferred content medium (how do they like to absorb content)
o Marketing message (messaging speaking directly to this persona)
• Goals and main points
o Goals
o Challenges/pain points, emotions accompanying those challenges (e.g. issues facing during day-today business that you product and services are helping to solve)
• Personal attributes
o Quotes (bring personas to life with actual quotes gathered during interviews)
o Objections (anticipate any objections from BP during purchase process and when on web site, what sections are they interested in)

Read on the rest of the article, covering areas such as:

#2 | The importance of understanding who the target audience is and how search and social help to develop this understanding

#3 | Planning integration of search and social media

#4 | Keyword research for Buyer Persona

#5 | Social media channels for Buyer Persona

#6 | Develop keyword plan for a campaign

#7 | PPC keyword vs organic keyword plan

#8 | Develop social media editorial calendar


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